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New Moon Shine! One Card Draw August 25, 2014

In honor of the New Moon today, I’m doing a free one-card draw! If you’d like some guidance on what you should focus on this coming moon cycle, simply comment below. You can ask a specific question or simply say, “Card, please!” Readings will be given in the comments, unless you request that yours be sent via private email.

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Feel free to share this link far and wide — let’s spread the New Moon energy and insight!


Chang O


6 Responses to “New Moon Shine! One Card Draw”

  1. Zenda Says:

    Card, please!

    • Susan Says:

      Your card is the Ace of Swords, reversed.

      In this deck, Swords are associated with Fire, Creativity, and Passion. They are also associated with Isis, Egyptian Goddess of magic and medicine.

      The Ace of Swords is a powerful card. It represents creation in its truest form. It also represents forthrightness, honesty, and determination. Because it shows up reversed for you, this card tells me that right now is a time to go with the flow. You have been in “creation” and “make it happen” mode — now is the time to trust that what you have put in motion will come to fruition. You cannot force things at this stage, and doing so will frustrate you. Allow that which you have released to the world to grow and flourish.

    • Susan Says:

      Your card is the Five of Staves. Staves in this deck ar associated with Air, intellect, communication. They are also associated with Freyja, Norse Goddess of smithcraft (among other things). In this card, five women do battle with short staves. This card tells me that there may be gossip swirling around you or someone you love. You do not need to enter the fray, because those who know you (or your loved one) know the truth. Beware of conflict for conflict’s sake. Whatever the conflict about is not really the issue — there’s something deeper there, and likely nothing to do with you. Be mindful of your words and who you trust at this time.

    • Susan Says:

      Your card is the Four of STeaves, reversed. Staves in this deck are associated with Air, with intellect and communication. They are also associated with domestic matters. They are ruled by Freyja, Norse Goddess of the forge and hearth. In this card, a man and a woman stand holding hands within an arbor or flowers. When this card appears in the natural position, it indicates harmony in the domestic sphere. Because it appears reversed for you right now, this card tells me that now is a good time to work through any past baggage and remaining lessons from past domestic partnerships and marriages. Sometimes distance makes “what used to be” look good, especially when we are lonely or afraid. Remember the bad and the good in your past relationships. Do not let distance and time suck you into the trap of seeing only the good times or only remembering the hurts. This goes for your role in these relationships as well as any ex-partners’ roles and actions. Have compassion, thank the relationship for the lesson, but beware of being pulled back into old entanglements.

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