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Classes and Courses March 24, 2014

Sacred Wheels: 8 Week Journey Through the Chakras    

The Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer

The Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer

April 14, 2014-June 3-2014

Online, through email and Facebook

$80/per person + $5.39 Eventbrite processing fee (US Dollars)

Register online

Join me for an 8-week healing journey through the chakras!

From the Sanskrit “wheel,” the chakras are powerful energy centers in the human body. These wheels of energy play a major role in our spiritual, physical, and emotional well being.

Each week, we’ll explore one of the seven major chakras in the body, including its role in healing and wellness, the energies it embodies and brings into our lives, and how to tap into and work with each chakra’s energy. We’ll also learn how to integrate other forms of spiritual practice — stone and crystal work, aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation, among others — with chakra work.

Through this course you will:

Learn about each of the seven major chakras and their role in health, healing and well-being

Explore each chakra as you experience it in your life

Develop tools to tap into, tune into, and work with each chakra

Clear energetic blocks in your chakras through meditation, journaling, and other practices

Build a chakra “tool kit” that will help you bring the energy of the chakras into your life and work

Share the experience with a supportive community of learners

Grow in your awareness of the chakras and the way they show up in your life


When you register for the 8 Week Journey Through the Chakras, you’ll get:

Access to a private Facebook group where our community can share, grow, and learn together

Short audio sessions on each of the chakras

A week-by-week lesson plan for working through all seven chakras

Daily discussion questions, journaling prompts, meditations, and exploratory exercises for working with the chakras

Recipes and ideas for working with the chakras through aromatherapy, food, and more!

The support of a learning community of like-minded people!

Course Materials

You are not required to purchase any additional materials for this course. All you need is Internet, a journal or sketchpad, and yourself!

There are some tools that might enhance your journey through the Chakras, so feel free to purchase them if you wish. (Dakotawitch Divines is an Amazon affiliate, so you can purchase directly through the links below.)

Liz Simpson, The Book of Chakra Healing is an excellent resource.

Kim Dryer, The Conscious Spirit Oracle is a fun deck that has messages from and about Chakra work.

You will also find a number of Chakra items in my Etsy shop, Dreaming Priestess Creations.



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