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Consult Dakotawitch June 14, 2010

As always, the One Card Draw thread (posted separately) is free. If you’d like something a little more detailed, please consider:

Celtic Cross Reading

Basic, ten card spread that most of us are used to. This gives you a view into the prevailing forces in your life and likely outcomes. I tend to focus on the places where we have made choices and have the opportunities to make other choices.

Wheel of the Year Reading
This 13-card reading gives you a month by month overview of the year, plus a general view of the themes of the coming year. Excellent for planning long-term goals and developing awareness of patterns.

Medicine Card Reading

This reading, done with Jamie Sams’s and David Carson’s Medicine Cards, shows you the animal guides and energies at work in your life.

What the name implies. Give me a question, I’ll give you an answer

Three Card Relationship Spread
This short reading looks at the main issues facing the two people in a relationship (of any kind) on a personal level, and the main issue that is between them. Ideal for two-person partnerships. I can do a similar spread for relationships involving more people (triads, quads, etc.) as well.

Add a Medicine Card or Goddess Inspiration Card draw to any other reading for $1 per card. These are wonderful ways to focus your energy and get a meditation or affirmation to work with as you address the issues your’e facing.

I can also custom design a reading for your situation, and quote you a rate.

If you’d like any of these readings, comment below with your email address and which reading you want. All readings will be done over private email, within 48 hours. When your reading is complete, I’ll invoice you through PayPal.

Suggestions welcome!


12 Responses to “Consult Dakotawitch”

  1. Hey Sue can I get a Celtic Cross and Medicine Card reading. This feels oddly like ordering a hamburger from Mcdonalds lol.


  2. tarotbysarah Says:

    Hey Susan. Is it possible to get a reading, I need a bit of guidance in the love area of my life? What reading do you suggest? Thanks.

    • Susan Says:

      Hi, Sarah,

      Absolutely! The Three Card (Past, Present, Future) is a good way to get a quick sense of the situation. If you want something more detailed, the Celtic Cross is the best, as it takes into account the most factors and gives the most information.

      I also haven’t forgotten that we want to trade readings at some point — this week’s been pretty crazy 🙂

  3. Hannah R Says:

    If possible, I would love an in person meeting for a Celtic Cross reading. I can totally work around your schedule.

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