Dakotawitch Divines

Ramblings and Readings

Meet Dakotawitch June 14, 2010

Welcome to Dakotawitch Divines! Come in, sit down, have a cup of tea, and get comfortable!

This blog mirrors a LiveJournal community I started in 2009 as an outlet for my musings on Tarot and other forms of divination. That community grew to include weekly open threads, where I would provide one-card draw readings for anyone who wished. These readings have always been, and will continue to be, free, though the tip jar is always out and any donations are appreciated.

I have been reading Tarot since my late teens — over 20 years at this point. I am passionate about Tarot and other oracles as a path to self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth.  I started out with the Rider-Waite Tarot, and have explored over a dozen different Tarot decks since then. My interest branched out to other card-based oracles, which you will see me use here from time to time. I’m always interested in exploring new ways to connect with Spirit and our inner wisdom.

My passion for Tarot and other forms of “alternative” forms of spirituality led me to the practice of Feminist Witchcraft and Goddess worship, which in turn led me to explore labyrinth walking, meditation, ecstatic dance, energy healing, and ritual-making.

When I’m not sitting down with my cards, I teach college courses in anthropology, sociology, women’s studies, and queer studies. I did my doctoral dissertation on issues of religion and gender among Pagans in Texas, and my research since then has explored the ways in which Tarot and other spiritual practices are lived and experienced in the lives of those who use them.

In addition to the Daily Dakotawitch posts, Free Draw Friday posts, and musings on the blog, I am available for private consultations (via email, IM, Skype, or in person if you are in the DFW area), as well as for parties and events. I offer in-person and online courses in Tarot and other oracles as well.  Contact me if you’d like more information!

I hope you’ll enjoy Dakotawitch Divines!


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